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Buffered Ascorbic Acid
Vitamin C for sensitive individuals
This special form of ascorbic acid
lessens possible gastric irritation in
sensitive individuals.

250 tabs / Please Call
B-Complex Plus
Balanced B vitamin
120 tabs / Please Call
EPA/DHA essentials
Ultra-pure fish oil concentrate for heart health
EPA/DHA essentials is an ultra-pure fish oil
concentrate, helpful for safely maintaining
cardiovascular and joint health. It is a molecularly
distilled, microfiltered fish oil.

It has been tested for contaminants including
heavy metals dioxans and furans, PCBs, peroxides
and anisidine.

180 tabs / Please Call
Glucosamine + Chondroitin
with MSM
Healthy cartilage strength and resilience.
Pure Encapsulations Glucosamine and
Chondroitin with MSM offers highly
purified constituents for healthy cartilage
formation and joint movement ease.

240 tabs / Please Call
Nutrient 950® without iron
Multi-vitamin/mineral formula for optimal health.
Nutrient 950® provides optimal nutritional
support for all body systems.

180 tabs / Please Call

1 tub / Please Call
BioFreeze 4 oz
Tube or Roll-on

1 tube / Please Call
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
A.I. Enzymes
Balanced plant enzyme formula
A.I. Enzymes provides purified,
high potency support for healthy
muscles and joints and optimal

60 Tabs / Please Call
AntiOxidant Formula
Protection against free radicals
AntiOxidant Formula offers a
synergistic, broad spectrum
of antioxidants designed to
protect against free radical
damage in every cell of the

120 tabs / Please Call